Warehousing ,Storage , Logistics Distribution Service


We have been in business for years and are today the leading moving, packing, storage and logistics company in the region. We offer our clients complete warehousing, storage and distribution services that includes receiving of goods, storage, breaking bulk, light assembly if required, and distribution. We relieve you of the need to devote time and resources towards these functions so that you can focus on the core business imperatives and strengthen your bottom line.

When searching for the best storage services in Florida, it’s important to find companies with adequate space and strong security for your belongings. We send a representative from our company to do an in-person evaluation of your storage needs. We can determine how many storage bins you need and let you know how big a storage bin you will need for each room. We then provide a written estimate and stick to that price. No last-minute surprises on storage costs! 

KIN FURNITURE & MOVING LOGISTICS ensures your valuable items will not get damaged over time. Our short-term and long-term storage rooms have temperature and humidity controls to protect your items from deterioration due to climate changes. When we provide a complete service of moving & storage, all items are double wrapped to prevent any dust accumulation and provide extra protection during the move into and out of storage.

Our door-to-door storage options make it effortless and stressful to relocate your belongings to your unit. We will arrange pick up from your home, and deliver to your storage facility. When you are ready to have your belongings delivered to you, we can handle this, too.

Moving and Storage for Residential Moves

In many cases, homeowners may need to store some or all their belongings because their new home is not completely ready. Kin FURNITURE & MOVING LOGISTICS offers a large variety of storage units that allow you flexibility in how you store your belongings temporarily.

Moving and Storage Services for Local Moves

Even if you are just moving from Miami to West Palm Beach or Doral to Pembroke Pines, moves sometimes require an overnight layover. We offer special deals for such situations so that your belongings are safely stored and not left on a truck overnight.

Moving and Storage Service for Valuable Items

When it comes to precious items such as pianos or artwork, you want a dependable Florida moving and storage service. At Kin FURNITURE & MOVING LOGISTICS, we have years of experience and are fully licensed to move such items. We have a computerized inventory -tracking system, allowing you to feel secure that your temporary storage needs are being met for your specialty items.

Why choose KIN FURNITURE & MOVING LOGISTICS for your storage service needs? We have years of experience handling residential and commercial moves in Florida. We’ve worked hard to build a reputation for fairness, consistency, safety, and efficiency.

If you are planning a move and have a need for storage services, give KIN FURNITURE & MOVING LOGISTICS a call and see the difference we can make in ensuring your move goes safely and smoothly.


Warehousing Services Include
  • Receiving.
  • Inventory Control.
  • Short and Long-term Storage.
  • Crate and Pallets.
  • Full Inspection & Damage Control.
Distribution services Include
  • Customer Pickups.
  • Transportation (TL or LTL).
  • Cross Docking.
  • White-Glove Delivery.
  • Fulfillment.
  • Pick & Pack.
  • Reverse Logistics.
  • Shipping.

Inventory Management

Possibly one of the most overlooked needs, our white glove delivery solution understands the logistics of your business and provides full monitoring and tracking of inventory using specialized software.

Furniture Manufacturers

Manufacturers regularly require storage or receiving solutions to hold items until it’s time for delivery.

Retailers & Showrooms

There are no showrooms large enough to hold everything! If you’re a retailer needing to turn your inventory over each season, or it’s time to replace appliances with new ones, our experienced team can help move and store the items.