White Glove Delivery


Hiring a moving company with white glove and designer delivery services saves you time over trying to find and hire multiple sources to get every step covered. Interior designers, architects, manufacturers, retailers and more benefit from the stress-free experience of working with white glove delivery services.


White glove delivery companies show up at your showroom, warehouse, or retail establishment and pick up the items to store until ready for delivery to your end customer.


If preferred, you can have the items shipped to a receiving warehouse for storage until our white glove movers transport them to their final destination.


We offer experienced designer delivery team members to visibly inspect each piece for problems or damage before sending it to the end customer.


Also called ‘end of the line’ or ‘last mile’ service, Our white glove delivery service delivers furniture and items to your customer’s location in their original condition.

Assembly and Installation

Some items are not fully built or ready for use, so we offer more than delivery and can also assemble and install the furniture or other items upon arrival at the customer’s location.

Removal of Rubbish

Less experienced organizations might leave garbage behind. If you’re using KIN FURNITURE & MOVING LOGISTICS you’ll expect the space to look as clean and organized as it did before, so our service includes picking up any trash upon completion of the service.

Facilitate Repairs and Returns

Sometimes repairs or returns are necessary. Experienced white glove movers from KIN FURNITURE & MOVING LOGISTICS handle the logistics involved with picking up returns for repair or replacement.

Special Projects

And finally, if you require a service that is not listed above, just contact KIN FURNITURE & MOVING LOGISTICS to work out the details of the unique situation.

Interior Designers

As you help your customers decorate and design homes and businesses, our white glove solutions handle the logistics and delivery of the furniture and specialized items to your location.


Architects, Construction Companies / Builders

When you’re creating homes and businesses, you may work with interior design warehouses and gallery services. Our white-glove movers serve as a useful resource for your process.


There’s a lot involved when it comes to importing items from out of state or out of the country. You can leave shipping and transportation logistics to us.

Real Estate Staging

Getting a home ready for sale often involves ‘staging’ the property so it looks irresistible! We can handle the delivery and set up of the furniture you need to make the property look complete, and pick it all up again to store it when the property sells.

Airbnb & VRBO Owners

You may own property that you rent out that requires new furniture. Our team can deliver, assemble, and leave the property rental-ready.


  • Full Installation of all furniture includes wall mounted wall units.
  • Complete inspection of merchandise prior to loading.
  • Blanket-wrap the merchandise to ensure the safest transportation possible.
  • Furniture delivery and complete in-home set up of all merchandise.
  • Business to Business /Business to Consumer white glove delivery.
  • Confirmation of address and delivery time window two days in advance.
  • Computerized routing & scheduling for based on efficiency and client’s needs.
  • Delivery manifests sent to the store for the next day’s delivery with estimated arrival times.
  • Removal of all packing materials.
  • Pick-up and delivery for repairs, exchanges and/or returns.
  • On site leather upholstery and wood repair.